Because it’s classy without being ostentatious, “country chic” without being rustic, classic without being smooth.

Just like their magnificent shop on Rue de l’Abbaye and Place Furstemberg, Flamant is charming! So “charming” and warm that we all thought of making their address… our home! A house that, like the brand, is constantly evolving. In 2023, in addition to the “classic” furniture, which is their signature, there will be new pieces with more contemporary lines. Because chic, Parisian elegance, “le chien”, also means knowing how to subtly cross styles. And when it comes to style, each new paint colour has become a reference, used in most books, interior design magazines and websites. This year, you can count on “Scarabée”, a chic shade of mauve to be combined with white and beige, brown and grey. The colour “Argile” is also very popular for its soothing side, with a light colour with multiple facets, like clay. Finally, “Tortue”, inspired by the art of slow living. This greenish shade reflects the calm rhythm of nature in your home.
Building on its success, the brand, which is still evolving, has opened a magnificent corner at the BHV since June 2022, where you will happily find the entire Flamant universe. And if you are travelling through the south of France, make a stop in Aix-en-Provence. A shop has been open there since 2020 and like all the others, the building—enriched with outdoor products—is as inspiring outside as inside. It’s true that Flamant’s designers have a real gift for creating worlds in which you immediately feel… good. At the moment, festive decorations are the order of the day and it’s a feast for the eyes to wander around, as everything is so soft—when you curl up in their big, soft plush armchair, you feel like you’re wrapped in a giant marshmallow!—warm and shimmering. To have the pleasure of justifying the decor, we feel the need for large tables, friends, family, children, parties and conviviality. And the good news is that they have renewed their e-shop. If you can’t go to Flamant, Flamant will come to you!

8, rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris
+33 1 56 81 12 40 –