Let it be said! The lengths go wavy and demand is high for the famous Coiffirst “vernissage” … The subtle technique to brighten the hair using a brush for a “material” effect, to highlight some areas as if the sun had bleached some strands… A technique that’s a roaring success! In addition, you can benefit from the shampoo “Éclat de Lumière”, designed to extend the sun-kissed effect. Based on wheat and silk proteins, it also has the virtue of protecting blonde hair. There you go, you’re —almost— ready. Because, while the friendly staff is making you beautiful, “Essie Manicure” is working away. So what’s the latest rumour? The trends are pastel colours for the varnish and French manicure is coming back in force! The must-have this summer, are your eyebrows! They are straight —bye bye “circumflex” eyebrows— they are thick and to achieve a perfect look, ask for a tint: practical (lasts all summer), it intensifies your eyes; the result is… quite impressive! And all this between a massage (because here, they always give a massage) a care session and a styling. Some really do have the sense of service!

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10, rue de Buci – 75006 Paris – +33 1 44 07 10 20 

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