The haute couture of floral art 

“What artistry!”, exclaims a customer who has come to buy a bouquet. Delicately worked materials, attention to detail and composition, the perfect combination of colours… At Wax Flower, floral art is on a par with haute couture. The company’s signature style? Simultaneously graphic, dynamic and clean. And one that knows how to regenerate itself. Last year they celebrated Christmas with a decidedly pop atmosphere, this winter the three associates suggest a return to a spirit of warmth and authenticity with soft, natural materials like wood and cotton, familiar colours such as red and green and invigorating, precious touches in golden and silver. Reconstituted christmas trees, flat or in 3D, table centrepieces, wreaths and garlands (made to order) accompany the wooden toys, cast metal angels and baubles. And in an entirely different register, we can’t forget our favourite: a tiny charming banana wedged into an alcove, just the thing for an exotic winter!

14, rue Bernard-Palissy, 75006 Paris.
Phone: +33 1 42 22 03 10