The beauty institute Carita settles in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés

The very best of beauty care products can now be found at the heart of Saint-Germain. The brand has chosen to move into the hotel Bel Ami’s spa –one of the highest rated 5-star hotel-spas of the area. Of course for Carita, it’s a qualitative leap: results of the care provided by the Cinetic Lift Expert’s –highly effective device, with multiple beauty benefits, combining electric pulses, LEDs and ultrasounds. It is wonderfully efficient for toning skin and treating wrinkles. But not just that. Beyond their know-how, the luxury body care cabins, we met a very caring team, with a pragmatic approach. The experts take the time to talk and listen, to get to know us and adapt–over and above the different care programmes on offer– a truly custom-made beauty treatment. Strained muscles, back pain, blood circulation problems? Your personal massage therapist will take care of your specific needs according to your current state of health and your desires. In our case, we had a tonic massage, releasing all muscle tension after 1 hour of body sculpting massage. And believe us (or not!), as we sit at our computers for hours, tense back muscles is something we know all about! To finish, we fell for the fashion manicure Kure Bazaar, with all its incredible shades of nail polish. After 1 hour of manicure – to our surprise and great pleasure, the nail polish just applied was offered as a gift in a pretty satin pouch! Anticipating our desire to make little touch-ups, here’s the pure sign of what is called, in exclusive circles, “the art of hospitality”. Classy!

Institut Carita at the hotel Bel Ami
7-11, rue Saint-Benoît– 75006 Paris
Phone: 01 42 61 53 53