If we were to mention fashion and Congo, what would come to mind? Bright colors, bold African prints perhaps? And what about Milan? Haute couture, fashion shows… And what if we were to say Congo, Johannesburg, Milan and Paris? There’d be just one response: fashion designer Rowena Forrest!

Behind those sparkling brown eyes, this young woman has already led a fascinating life: she grew up in Congo, criss-crossed Africa to Johannesburg and studied fashion design in two of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan and Paris. Impossible to guess the lives of others, but, if you take a look at her creations in the rue de Cherche-Midi boutique, you’ll find in the vibrant colors a reflection of her various home ports… For Rowena, creative expression should touch ‟ the deepest parts of oneself, to bring the individual truly alive, to brush the universal ” And Rowena knows the ‟ individual ” better than anyone! Paying attention to the precise cut, meticulously choosing her fabrics, checking every detail, she launched her made-to-measure brand online. Buoyed by this success, she opened her ready-to-wear boutique in 2012 on rue Royale. And as one good thing follows another, she seized this excellent opportunity to open her flagship store in Saint-Germain, a spirit that perfectly matches her own subtle, inspired and refined style.
Which is why this charming fashion designer decided to set down her meter ruler and scissors a stone’s throw from the Croix Rouge! Rush down there to discover her new summer collection, her fun period ” and turn your back at last on the rain and gloom, it’s time for acid-drop freshness, playful lightheartedness and this gorgeous designer’s special dash of madness. What’s more, she has generously added a selection of Ambas bathing suits to her summer collection, the texture of the ‟seamless” Spandex lycra is so light and airy it feels like a second skin! An absolute joy to wear!
And when colors make one’s mouth water, when materials revive one’s senses, that’s a triumph in itself. Rowena’s creations combine an innate sense of elegance with the pursuit of a certain revitalization that emanates from the very core of her creativity. She has everything she needs to succeed in the golden square of Saint-Germain!
Every true creator has a childlike way of seeing and recreating the world, with Rowena Forrest her eyes found their sparkle the day she decided to dress her mother up as the most beautiful woman in the world. She hasn’t looked back since.

23, rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris
Phone: +33 1 45 48 90 94