Jean Reno has put his name to an exclusive collection of glasses in collaboration with Patrick Uzzan, brand founder, and designer Cendrine Obadia. The actor was delighted to answer our questions for Cerise.

How did your collaboration with Passion Lunettes come into being?

First and foremost, because of friendship! When Cendrine, who shows an impressive passion for her work, asked me to join the team of Passion Lunettes, with Patrick, so we could create a collection with my name on it, I didn’t hesitate, I was sure of their skills! And you don’t turn down the sister of your best childhood friend!

How do you contribute to the creative process of the collection? 

The artistic direction that Cendrine gives to her designs is hers alone! Her first inspiration was a reference to the glasses I wore in the film Léon. Then her talent did the rest!

 Three words to describe the designs you’ve inspired?

« Young » in the sense of being fashionable, « original » because the designs don’t push an artistic agenda or reference the past, consequently the collections are always fizzing with life. Finally « universal » because this range of glasses is sold beyond our borders and what’s more, appreciated by both men and women!

20, rue du Vieux Colombier, 75006 Paris 
Phone: +33 1 45 44 63 65