Born in 2002, Servane Gaxotte’s signature doll has become an emblematic figure of the 6th arrondissement. She’s called Rose. Her dreams are a theatre of continual metamorphoses. Cat, rabbit, ballerina, THE doll of Servane Gaxotte is always sporting a different style, and a different face! Whether wearing high-tops or stilettos, a tutu or a pencil skirt, each doll  represents a different feminine style and is fashioned with rare attention to detail. Able to be worn as a pendant, one’s avatar can also be exhibited without chain, a veritable work of art! Influenced by the magical universe of fairy tales, underpinned by the work – unlike any other – of a true stylist which adds the finishing touches to these elegant creations, the Servane Gaxotte doll is fast becoming the key reference for chic Saint-Germain jewellery.

55, rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris.
Phone: +33 1 42 84 39 93