For Christmas, let’s do something good for your body with the two new AUR treatments, from the beauty magician Samer Zakharia.

Famous for its alchemical beauty products, combining scientific innovations (biotechnological active ingredients) and magic (textures and fragrances), MAISON FLAMEL presents, for Christmas, two body treatments. The first is called “Crème Corps AUR”, an abbreviation of aurum, or “gold” in Latin. A body cream, a powerful anti-ageing, anti-stain and remodelling elixir. Alchemilla, oats, marine collagen, gallic acid, red algae and 24-carat gold make up this wonderful treatment: 16% fewer spots and 37% less belly fat announces Samer, the creator with the singular and endearing personality of MAISON FLAMEL. The second is “AUR Oléo-Gel Corps”, with its innovative oil-in-gel texture and signature active ingredients (alchemilla, micro-algae and gold), a blend of vegetable (jojoba), essential (lemon, grapefruit, juniper and geranium) and precious oils. It reminds… of the holidays. Its lemony fragrance and the golden tan it provides take you to a sunny beach, while its active ingredients nourish the body, slimming it down and reducing cellulite. That’s happiness! As usual, without parabens or other chemical products, this new AUR range combines pleasure and efficiency. Samer Zakharia, a golden alchemist of beauty !

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