Women in motion

Exploration. The new theme that has emerged from the DNA of the Maison’s artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière, who arrived at Vuitton in 2013. As such, this year there’s a focus on white tones and navy blue garments. The body can do some exploring of its own, wrapped in large, voluptuous furs or snuggled in a maxi coat, as striking as it is beautiful. And because we’ll be nice and warm, with his focus on « women in motion », this season Nicholas Ghesquière offers a range of skirts with a hemline… above the knee. So let’s get ready for a winter of lovely legs! Feet haven’t been overlooked, they’ll be sporting subtly restyled black mules or flat hobnailed boots. Deliciously mismatched flair that hits the (hob)nail on the head! Boast a femi-masculine style entirely in navy blue, or don wide leg trousers with elegant corsets and girdles in reworked lingerie. In short, this season, the ever creative Monsieur Ghesquière plays with his avant-garde influences, both modern and elegant. As the couturiers say: « the future is now! ».

170, boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris. 
Phone: +33 1 45 49 62 32