For connoisseurs of exciting jewellery

The art of storytelling is not only the prerogative of writers… when holiday season comes around in the boutique on rue Bonaparte, the windows bloom into an imaginary garden, white rabbits shelter under red flowers and we are given an invitation to tranquil gaiety at the heart of winter. Soothed by gentle music, we step into a pastel universe where the surprises – embedded in every detail – fuse with the unique know-how particular to the creation of deluxe costume jewellery. Since 1980, Pascale and Enzo Amaddeo, along with artists trained in the very best schools, have been developing their jewellery production techniques to create necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and earrings bursting with character, combining poetic creativity with highly refined realism. The stones of the Diamantine range in an original range of colours, black or purple this season, are made in the brand’s own studios, in accordance with the process used for diamonds. Dreamlike images or exotic compositions: each piece is hand-painted, and so each display cabinet is a veritable springboard to a dream, a voyage, and certainly astonishment! Among the sumptuously finished flowers, iconic ballerinas with multicoloured gem encrusted tutus twirl as roaring panthers prowl or languish against a jungle backdrop. Continually celebrating the richness of our flora and fauna, Pascale Amaddeo has founded an association dedicated to the protection of animals: Les Néréides Loves Animals, six months ago the brand launched a collection of the same name to finance the venture. For the youngest ladies, Les Néréides presents the N2 collection, a range inspired by fairy-tales, where we can find Peter Pan or Cinderella… But beautiful stories have no age limit: to each their own!

61, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris. 
Phone: +33 9 81 75 78 59