A boutique hotel at the Saint-Sulpice square? All Germanopratins have walked past Le Récamier at least a hundred times, this 4-star hotel is hidden in a corner of the square, in the shadow of the church towers. Renovated in 2009 by the renowned decorator Jean-Louis Deniot, the lounges and the 24 bedrooms –half of which have a view on Saint-Sulpice church– impress with their warm comfort and remarkable style that revisits and mixes 20th century design furniture in every little detail. The place is cosy and quiet, despite being located in the heart of Saint-Germain and the welcoming terrace of the small bar is perfect for a secret rendezvous. Very popular with tourists for its charm and ideal location, the house attracts business customers as well, tired of the anonymous and functional cold of standard hotels. Le Récamier is an address that Parisians offer to their out-of-town friends. A gift!

3 bis, place Saint-Sulpice – 75006 Paris
Phone: 01 43 26 04 89