If you need to get away from it all and pamper yourself, there’s a place in Saint-Germain that lives and breathes beauty and well being: the Guerlain boutique, home of timeless fragrances and exceptional know-how.

Refined atmosphere, soft lighting, the Guerlain boutique on rue de Sèvres is the ultimate in chic. Treatment cabins to soothe even the most demanding of customers, a now legendary range of treatments and make-up, this is a centre of excellence for feminine beauty. Just speak to those in the know about the Orchidée Impériale cream – at the cutting edge of global age-defying effectiveness – or the Terracotta Joli Teint powder for a healthy glow, and you’ll understand how first-time customers turn into life-time customers. And how can one resist the magic of Guerlain? A wonderfully warm welcome, bespoke care, this spirit is maintained by the entire team whose only concern is you. But you can be the judge of that! Every customer can take advantage of a 15 minutes free perfume consultation, a treatment diagnosis or even a beauty-enhancing make-up session with every visit. The crème de la crème!

Who hasn’t been tempted at least once by a legendary Guerlain perfume bottle, where glassmaking becomes a work of art? Consider the golden bee vial, created in 1853 for the Empress Eugénie, a real must-have, and available today, personally engraved and filled with the fragrance of your choice. Unless you’d rather see your name on the latest lipstick? At Guerlain, everything is possible! And that’s their gift to you.

Also to discover are Guerlain’s secret perfumes: the exclusives, only available in the Parisian stores. Noble raw materials and the refinement of every detail are key. It’s a laboratory of aroma where the expression of the Guerlain perfumer’s emotion and passion has no limits.

Or let your senses loose on the new Guerlain perfume: Mon Exclusif, where fresh fern contrasts with oriental notes of sandalwood and toffee. An audacious perfume and vial which will go down in olfactory history because… it has no name. So each woman can name it herself, with something essential and intimate. Why not call it after your beloved?

To finish, oh so softly, we’ve tested the Eaux de Rituels range for you: the Eau de Cashmere for clothing is to die for and the Eau de Lit for your bedlinen is like sleeping in a  champagne bubble! Exquisite!

29, rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris.
Phone: +33 1 42 22 46 60