Photo © E. Gentil

Graine de Pastel stems from the encounter of two women, Carole Garcia and Nathalie Juin, who wanted to bring back the long-forgotten dermatological properties of the woad, an ancestral medicinal plant. The brand reveals itself through a wide range of nutritive care, anti-oxidants, anti-ageing, organic, cleansers as well as through fragrances and scented candles. Visit their second Parisian shop, with the welcoming warmth of a convivial guest house. Here you will find flagship products such as the “Baume de Cocagne”, the promise of a pure moment of softness for the skin, as well as the newest range “La Pureté”, staging a make-up removal ritual with anti-pollution cleansing or “L’Essentielle”, a line of nutritive facial products with anti-oxidant virtues. A truly sensory experience to discover in a precious and cosy environment.

18, rue du Dragon – 75006 Paris – Phone: 01 43 25 61 53