Exclusive, hand-made line for hot-stepping on the streets of Saint-Germain

Marie and Armelle have opened two boutiques: one for shoes and accessories and the other for ready-to-wear clothing, under the same name: « Germaine Pratinette ». They have a shared philosophy: find the local artisan who knows how to combine comfort, exclusivity and of course aesthetic brilliance. These two sparkling sisters have done just that! And they have another thing in common « the majority of our customers are regulars ». Indeed, when a woman wants to be elegant while indulging in a spot of window shopping or dashing to a meeting, while all the time sparing her feet, wearing exclusive designs and remaining smart as a button… believe us gentlemen, this is the stuff dreams are made of! And with the two boutiques on rue du Pré aux Clercs and rue Perronet, all of the Germaine Pratinette « addicts » know how to keep their dreams alive! If you’re eyeing up a lovely pair of size 5 aubergine boots, this wonderful hat or that silky jumper, there’s just one rule: don’t wait too long, because no two things are ever the same! Not only are the designs exclusive, but the quantity too! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Shoes and accessories: 11, rue du Pré aux Clercs, 75007 Paris. 
Phone: + 33 9 83 36 45 83. 
Clothing: 10, rue Perronet, 75007 Paris. 
Phone: + 33 9 82 24 92 29.