Pierre, voracious reader and with a past within the Imprimerie Nationale, together with Antoine, the gallery owner’s son, have managed to make us travel in one place. “No boundaries in Art” as Victor Hugo used to say, add “talent” and you are precisely at the right address! For three years now, Pierre Walusinski and Antoine Hyvernaud have been managing the well-known gallery Nicaise. These two art lovers share an enthusiasm for a form of figurative expression and like to raise authenticity to a symbolic level: “in contemporary art, too much concept kills the concept” states Pierre. Adding: “Representation of bodies and humans is our passion. In literature as well as in painting, we love strong and powerful work.” It is this passion and a profound belief that make Nicaise such a vibrant testimony of contemporary art: a gallery where literature and painting converge and where discoveries are as joyful as they are stunning. Here, they don’t sell books but “copies”: Apollinaire, Breton, Bobin, Duras or Houellebecq… Dedications, signed copies, original artwork, precious rarities cohabiting with regular exhibitions, where the incubator of selected artists has this common desire for “obsession”. So, needless to say, it’s suggestive, fascinating and engaging.

145, boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris – Phone: 01 43 26 62 38