Italian must-have brand for lovers of cashmere and natural fibres, Falconeri’s “superior cashmere” has become an iconic material for the label. A premium yarn (an essential raw material) is thus offered in extremely fine, lightweight, and exquisitely soft garments. Wearing it right next to the skin is already a promise of sensuality.
The attention to detail and the choice of the best natural fibres finally give life to a refined and affordable luxury. No more ephemeral fashion. Thanks to a combination of luxurious natural fibres, Italian craftsmanship and innovative production methods, Falconeri’s cashmeres become a family legacy, timeless and durable.
Note that the entire process respects the environment, so you can snub your woollen pullovers right away… That’s pure Germanopratinian easy chic. No time to lose! 

56, rue du Four – 75006 Paris
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