“If you’re going to San Francisco ”… perhaps it was Scott McKenzie’s famous song that inspired Élodie Tronchon to go and cut her professional teeth in San Francisco… studying the art of jewelry making. Drawing on her experience across the pond, the artistic director has made the intermingling of eras the central theme of her work. For example, this 18 carat pipe ring upon which projections of 22 carat gold will be delicately worked. The result: a surface quality that makes one think of jewelry of ancient times endowed with an ultra modern form. A highly creative combination which gives a result that is original and stylish. And like every good aesthete, she reworks the classics, such as Tahitian pearls, mounting them onto rings or earrings, utterly timeless. Élodie travels more nowadays, visiting workshops that she has known for years to enjoy the discussion and heartfelt exchange made manifest in all of the exceptional work carried out by the ‟ golden hands ” that fabricate her creations, because she’s busy preparing for her latest challenge: the creation of a collection adorned with precious stones. Naturally! Like every good jeweler should… We wager that with the combination of her own background and the know-how of her partners, along with the gems, she’ll strike gold!

42, rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris.
Phone: +33 1 45 44 01 83