With 3 new body fragrances and a recent collection of scented candles, the brand offers great gift ideas in its new corner at Le Bon Marché.

The story is beautiful and singular. In 1830, Count Alfred d’Orsay, a worldly aesthete living between Paris and London, imagined for the Irish Marguerite Blessington, who would become the love of his life, a perfume for her and for him, that they both could wear. They loved each other throughout their lives and are even buried together, but before that, Alfred have laid the foundations for the brand’s light, amorous and unisex perfumes!
This Christmas, when everyone will, more than ever, need affection, attention and pleasure, D’ORSAY is expanding with a new corner at Le Bon Marché, in addition to the first boutique on Rue du Bac and the one on Rue des Francs-Bourgeois. Those in search of a refined, sophisticated and sensual gift will discover 3 new fragrances, unisex of course, bringing the line of body perfumes to 11 scents. And for a loving atmosphere, you will turn to the new and magnificent handmade candles made in France. Their names are a sensual agenda: 06:20 Où tu sais (You know where), 21:30 Sous les draps (Under the sheets), 23:15 À l’abri des regards (Out of sight), 00:30 En bas de chez toi (Downstairs), etc. Lastly, at the shop or on line, the house proposes to define your olfactory portrait to discover your favourite love secret…

At Le Bon Marché, Galerie Imaginaire: 24, rue de Sèvres – 75007 Paris
44, rue du Bac – 75007 Paris
3, rue des Francs-Bourgeois – 75004 Paris