Exercise, relaxation & gastronomy, a winning trio

Do you love golf? Can’t resist a round on an exceptional course? Then the Hôtel de Bretesche with its 18 holes course, considered to be among the best in the world, is for you. Here you can try out your clubs in the heart of a nature reserve, dotted with beds of hydrangea and ancient trees, but beware the bunkers, they have a formidable reputation…
Do you love to relax? A connoisseur of quality trips away? Then enjoy the boudoir-like bedrooms and their impressive view of the 15th century chateau. Unless you’d rather evaluate the virtues of the spa, in which case try out the infrared massage, a unique experience your muscles will thank you for, especially if you spend all day with your clubs. As for the children, they have a whole series of activities dedicated to them, not least of which is a nanny! Everything you need so you can relax in one of the park’s villas, independent cottages that can sleep an entire family.
Is gastronomy your passion? Marc Franzoni, the director of this charming place, has everything in hand, for a new chef has just arrived, Thierry Karakachian, with a michelin star in tow. Enough to make your tastebuds sparkle with pleasure.
Convinced? Then make your way to the Domaine de la Bretesche, just 2 hours from Paris for a trip that will leave you with only one desire: to return as quickly as possible!

Domaine de la Bretesche
44780 Missillac
Hôtel and spa: +33 2 51 76 86 96
Golf: +33 2 51 76 86 86