Benjamin Cozanet has an excellent reputation in Saint-Germain so we went to meet him to learn a little more about the new methods in the field of cosmetic surgery. For Cerise, he agreed to take part in our little game of questions and answers. An extract:


Cerise: You seem to favor a gentle, natural-looking cosmetic surgery?
Doctor Benjamin Cozanet: Absolutely! It was during my time working in vascular medicine that I became interested in cosmetic surgery. Non-invasive gentle practices give very natural results.

C: What are the most popular treatments? What do they involve?
BC: Management of facial aging is the number one request in cosmetic surgery. To treat dynamic wrinkles we use the toxin Botulique, otherwise known as Botox, to relax and open the upper half of the face. To fill static wrinkles and redefine the contours of the face, I inject hyaluronic acid. The oval of the face can be treated thanks to a technique of focussed ultrasound (Ultherapy) to give a facelift effect in a single session. Then there are the laser treatments for pigment or venous marking, permanent hair removal, the elimination of fatty areas using cryolipolyse by CoolSculpting, etc. Each patient has their own needs. Today, the range of treatments available allows us to offer personalized solutions. I always favor respecting the face’s unique personality.

C: Are these products sound?
BC: Yes. For my part, I always choose products and devices based on how safe they are, how well they work and their clinical track record. It is important for me that medical devices are validated by the FDA, the USA’s strictest health authority.

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