The world turns too fast and not necessarily round? Discover Les Mardis de la Philo, a parenthesis of knowledge and intelligence to approach life differently.

Let it be said, philosophy has never left Saint-Germain-des-Prés, even if Sartre, Beauvoir and so many others are no longer there anymore. While some despair melan cholically of a “post-Saint-Germain”, the Mardis de la Philo (Philosophy Tuesdays) continue to nourish the spirits of the neighbourhood and far beyond. Initiated 25 years ago by Florence de Lamaze and Arnaud Saint-Paul, with the philosopher Pierre Thuillier, Les Mardis de la Philo, now directed by Cécile du Verne and her daughter Alice, pursue the same mission: to take philosophy out of the university and make it accessible to all. Even those who have mixed memories of their philosophy classes in high school should discover a Tuesday of lectures dedicated to ideas, reflection and major contemporary issues. They might even become addicted! Because here, philosophy is understandable without becoming simplistic, conviviality reigns and each issue is dealt with in depth by prestigious speakers, both pedagogues and scholars. Greek myths, ethical questions, democracy, passions, health or geopolitics are addressed. All conferences are retransmitted via Zoom and will remain so even after the reopening. So if Aristotle came back in 2021, what would he say about our world? 

Les Mardis de la Philo: every Tuesday from 9 am to 6 pm
4, place Saint-Germain-des-Prés – 75006 Paris – +33 6 66 32 72 24
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Les Matinées de la Littérature (Literature Mornings): every Thursday morning
Reflet Médicis – 3, rue Champollion – 75005 Paris

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Philosophical and literary podcasts:

From January to April 2021, conferences “Saint Augustine, destiny and freedom”.
Painting by Botticelli circa 1480, Saint Augustine in his study. Ognissanti Church, Florence, Italy