Unique trousers for every occasion

2015 marked a turning point for this brand, well loved by established fashion houses and connoisseurs of a well cut trouser alike. With expertise garnered from experience producing for Hermès, Givenchy, Burberry and Yves Saint-Laurent, the new year saw the renowned trouser maker opening his own flagship store a stone’s throw from rue du Bac. We open the door and find ourselves in an industrial universe, inspiring thoughts of the series Mad Men and the anglo-saxon elegance of the 1960’s. The decor pays homage to Bernard Zins, founding father and engineering graduate from the ivy-league equivalent institution Arts et Métiers, who returned from his maiden voyage to the USA with a taste for technical innovation, creating apparel that is comfortable, chic and suitable for every occasion. Chinos, straight leg, classic or flamboyantly printed, in flannel, tweed or tartan, for both men and women: each model is designed and produced according to the ten golden rules that make all the difference! Now that’s the signature stamp of a specialist!

11, rue de Luynes, 75007 Paris
Phone: +33 9 82 54 70 66