Hom Nguyen in front of his canvas at the exhibition “Sans Repères” at the Hong Kong gallery until 20/12/16
29F, N°33 Des Vœux Road, Central, Hong Kong.


In the artistic heart of Saint-Germain, the A2Z Gallery is a cultural bridge between Asia and Europe: a place where Art is the leading light.

White walls that resonate like a canvas waiting to be painted, reflecting the light beams on historical streets, five levels spread over 300 m2 to mount as an elevation of the spirit: here we are in the centre, in the heart, feeling the strong beats of the creation of today. One glance at the works chosen by the master of the House, Anthony Phuong, suffice and the eye is drawn, caught by a beauty that speaks as much to the spirit as to the inner sensitivity. Why is this so obvious? Take a look at the paintings of Hom Nguyen, contemplate these faces with mouths expressing without words, those eyes staring for want of seeing and you will understand what keeps you, what attracts you: art is both a question and an answer. And it’s in the incessant passage from one to the other that you find the pleasure to contemplate, to own a painting. Anthony, who has well understood this, would like his gallery to form a bridge, where Asia and Europe meet and exchange in a high-flying artistic dialogue. At the Galerie A2Z, humans like the artworks are interpreters of the soul.


24, rue de l’échaudé – 75006 Paris
01 56 24 88 88 – www.a2z-art.com