“Rarity, particularity, singularity” are Grégory, are the three florist creators’, Grégory, Thierry and Frédéric’s three summer wishes. In addition to the classics, the beautiful season is going to be colourful with exotic plants! During our visit, they were discussing the acquisition of a geranium from the Canary Islands while we were witnessing an extraordinary flower burst into bloom on an aristolochia, as well as admiring a giant cactus from Mexico, mini greenhouses of succulent plants and the gloriosas’ vivid orange. A true change of scenery. Since two years, they are pioneering the Japanese art of kokedama, where a round and light vegetal moss is used as a plant pot. Suspended or resting on a blackboard, the arrangements really catch the eye. Before leaving, we ask for a last piece of advice from these friendly designer-landscapers about summer care for our plants… Have you thought about an automatic watering system? If you have simple tap and a water intake, they will install one on your terrace or balcony. Long holidays ahead!

14, rue Bernard Palissy – 75006 Paris
Phone: 01 42 22 03 10