There are only a few privileged places that encompass the true Saint-Germain spirit, and Les Éditeurs is one of those. First of all, because it is a Parisian café in line with the great tradition of “brasseries” with a home cooked “todays special” – accessible to everyone – since the two owners, Mr. Dorin and Mr. Massard, who present themselves as craftsmen, make it a point of honour to serve “fresh-and-home-cooked-food”. And secondly, because Les Éditeurs is a meeting place. A cosy meeting place in true Rive Gauche tradition, with an interior in red and black with dim lights. Many regulars come to flip through the latest novel in vogue – here, the library is not a decoration, books are renewed and replaced – and ever since the opening in 2001, the literary world has settled in and made themselves at home here. So, it’s logical that it is here that the literary circle of Christine Bach “Le Rendez-vous Rive Gauche”, has been meeting and gathered many followers. Every month, novelists, essayists, philosophers, and journalists come to join this dinner of literary debate. No more society banquets, the encounters with the public are reflecting its founder: cordial, and with a spirit of exchange and sharing. Every day until 1 in the morning, life is celebrated at Les Éditeurs and whether you take a coffee, weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, or a drink, you can feel the scent of Saint-Germain in the air…

4, carrefour de l’Odéon – 75006 Paris
01 43 26 67 76 – –

To sign up for “Le Rendez-vous Rive Gauche” call Christine Bach on 06 11 30 54 81