Maître François-Xavier Poncet

New in Saint-Germain: once a month, an auctioneer appraises your valuables and fine art, free of charge.

“Saint-Germain-des-Prés being the artistic and literary heart of France, treasures certainly lie dormant in cellars, attics, drawers, or simply hang on the walls” says François-Xavier Poncet, auctioneer at the Rossini auction house. Graduated in law and art history specialising in “great residences” from École du Louvre, the expert is delighted to create this new local service in Saint-­Germain. “No auctioneers are established in the 6th arrondissement and, for an estimate, the only solution so far was to go to the Drouot district”. Never mind! It is therefore on the so romantic Place Saint-Sulpice that François-Xavier Poncet is now welcoming you, and for your most precious belongings, it’s a luxurious service: he is embarking on an adventure by going to your place, free of charge, and by appointment of course. 

A small difference from Indiana Jones, François-Xavier Poncet only hunts for his treasures in homes and only from individuals. Why is this? Because the panel of goods that can be sold at auction is… infinite: paintings, antique toys, Chinese porcelain vases, jewellery, rare pieces and even great wines. Once the estimate is made, the Rossini auction house will collect your goods and sell them at auction. But that’s not all, says the expert: “I like this direct relationship with people, I’m an empathic person! It helps a lot in my job. People often have a strong emotional relationship with their belongings. Objects can be memories, what is left of a story, an adventure, an encounter, sometimes even a life! This is a factor that counts, especially at the moment of the appraisal of the item and the idea that the client has of it.  Sometimes there is a real discrepancy, on one hand… sometimes on the other! To understand is to be able to arbitrate in the best possible way”. 

Better too much than too little. In the context of a succession or a relocation, Maître Poncet can appraise the contents of a home within 24 hours; the items for sale are removed and the rest is evacuated… Don’t deny yourself the pleasure! 


When and where?

The next free appraisal session will be held on Thursday, December 10th.
Starting in January 2021, it will be held on the 3rd Friday of each month at the same location.
Espace “Sur la Place”: 5, place Saint-Sulpice – 75006 Paris
From 2 pm to 6 pm, by appointment.

Maître Francois-Xavier PONCET – + 33 6 20 14 33 52 –


Vénus dans les forges de Vulcain

Venus in Vulcan’s forges, workshop of Frans Franken and Jan Breughel, 17th century, auctioned at €36,000.