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We’re all set to conquer the east with this extraordinary trip put together by brand new tour operator Step Travel. Together with partner Jancarthier Voyages* they offer us the stuff of dreams from East to West aboard the exceptional Trans Siberian Express. Magical. 

A fabulous route that will lead you from the Red Square in Moscow, through the Mongolian Steppes to the Great Wall of China. Following in the footsteps of mythical heroes, Michel Strogoff or Genghis Khan, this is a trek custom made for lovers of wide open spaces and unexpected encounters, for those hungry for adventure and a change of scenery. It’s an extraordinary 16 days voyage, during which you’ll cover no less than 8,000 kilometres! Aboard this mythical train you’ll have time to travel in a different way, to admire your surroundings and discover breathtaking panoramas… The Trans Siberian is much more than a voyage. It will give you much more than just a memory: the pleasure of remembering.

SPOTLIGHT ON  Blandine Vignals

The director of Step Travel, which she founded with Géraldine Chachourine. For 15 years Blandine presided over national Hungarian company Malev Hungarian Airlines before becoming a specialist in travel to Central Europe and Russia. Step Travel offers a wide range of exceptional and unusual trips across all of Eastern Europe.

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