Anew spot in Saint-Germain really not to be missed! We have tested for you and we can assure you of a visible result already from the very first use! Enough suspense; FOREO what is it?


It’s an innovation. A Swedish brand, created in 2013. It’s a new era opening the doors to beauty tech, with a range of devices with pretty names such as LUNA™, ISSA™ or IRIS™. The principle? Creation of brand new instruments for the skin, in pop colours, all equipped with nibs in silicone, aiming to revolutionize skin care (flexibility, hygiene and brightness). The LUNA™ series – plug-in to your computer – in 1 minute of pulses morning and evening (really!) it removes 99.5% of impurities, but also excess of sebum (clinical test results), make-up residue and dead cells. Not only does it greatly improve the absorption of skincare products, but it refines the texture of your skin and the result is really, really stunning. As if you were doing 10 facial treatments in 1 minute! As for the ISSA™ toothbrush, it is also really amazing. It is somewhere between a manual and an electric brush – both its predecessors – this one in soft silicone is ultra hygienic and brushes and polishes through sonic pulses. And the head only needs replacing once a year. Well, anyway, their Saint-Germain outlet is also a place for exchanges and debates, so come and have a chat and, above all, test and try for yourself! The brand is committed to hosting regular live events in the store, both for media and the general public. In order not to miss out on the events, just follow them on Facebook or subscribe to their Newsletter!

188, boulevard Saint-Germain
75007 PARIS – 09 83 80 45 42
Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.