Tempting! The famous British company has launched a new sparkling, enticing collection “for all women”. This new line has been inspired by all of our sex-appeal icons, temptress extreme! The designers have enhanced the collection with glamorous sequins, retro corsets or pop negligé… To each their own! The caress of a feathered hemline, lace collars both demure and revealing, or the graphic, mischievous cut of a body are just some of the attractive features that have us begging for more! Everything has been designed to evoke and suggest, to provoke our imaginations… right up to the impeccable finish of the underwear: from feathered frills at the hip to satin ribbon at the shoulder, the use of materials is second to none. And despite all this luxury, the cut is flattering and comfortable in the extreme! In short, these are little jewels crying out to be given – or received!

38, rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris. 
Phone: +33 1 45 49 09 44